Offshore Company Incorporation

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  1. starfang

    starfang Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Not all will require accounting. Seychelles seems to be one of the few that require it but where you don't need to care about it at all ;)
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  2. fireserve

    fireserve Super Moderator Mentor Group Sponsor

    There is no issue to get rid of the accounting requirement. You just don't make it and if someone ever ask you close the company..
  3. BelizeFinancial

    BelizeFinancial Corporate Services Business Angel

    What will make it to be a good decision to incorporate offshore you think? For me, like with many others I read it's privacy, tax and privacy :)
  4. cangarooo

    cangarooo Offshore Agent

    I can only agree with OP and most of the replies here. Mu offshore incorporation has made things much easier in regards to doing business and to protect privacy. Never regret to took the jump into this world of gray area business procedures!
  5. khan

    khan Corporate Services Business Angel

    This is a great read, however, I would to ask if it's possible to incorporate a company without to provide any due diligence information and documents?
  6. RamsayB

    RamsayB Member Entrepreneur

    Its like a never ending fight against tax until our last breath. Its an inevitable thing in our whole life and the only thing we can do is play smart and do the right choices by having an offshore account :D
  7. allan

    allan Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    It has been one of the best strategies plans I ever made for my business!
  8. holger

    holger New Member

    What is the best place to incorporate offshore for a BitCoin Exchange service business?
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  9. lastchance

    lastchance Member

    Fantastic article I just read it when I found the forum the other day. Before I came here I was looking at a UK company because I heard that UK or Ireland are optimal jurisdictions for new business and startups. Now the picture changed a little and I'm more like to register a offshore company once I know where.
  10. zohoman

    zohoman Member Entrepreneur

    To incorporate my business offshore was one of the best steps I have done to increase my profits and securities. With my regular Company it was complicated to maintain accounting and filing of tax each year with the Belize corp. in my case, I safed Money on accounting and the tax report. It's all done pretty easy and for less than 100$ a year!!
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  11. lastchance

    lastchance Member

    I started the process to incorporate a Belize company it's much easier compared to Seychelles and most other jurisdictions.
  12. redeye

    redeye Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor

    You want to build up a offshore company structure that include a Holding company and simple EU trading corp. if you want to do business easily and in privacy.
  13. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    Are all offshore corps IBC's sorry to ask or what does it mean?
  14. icecold

    icecold Active Member Entrepreneur

    I learned not all offshore jurisdiction has the term IBC!
  15. predator

    predator Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    An Offhsore Company Incorporation may be a misspelling of Offshore Business Incorporation or what do you think? I have read agent call the corporate documents for a company incorporation documents and some Google Adwords agents call it offshore company incorporation while it should have said to incorporate your business offshore!

    Regardless what they say it is the same you get :)
  16. CoinMaster

    CoinMaster Member Entrepreneur

    This was actually the article that brought me to here! It is good reading for noobs that don't know where to start with a registration of a offshore company! I learned so much from this forum since I start reading here that I wanted to thank Admin and the many awesome forum members that do a good job each day here!
  17. maxmoney

    maxmoney Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    That sounds obvious to be the best reason for your setup.

    Belize and Seychelles don't require that. They will ask you where you are keeping the docs but never anyone will request it!
  18. maxmoney

    maxmoney Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    are you serious troll¤##
  19. maxmoney

    maxmoney Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Seychelles and Belize will work for you even you live in Pakistan if that is what you do!
  20. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Hi Doxs, I see you from Ukraine too. Could you PM me so we can communicate about offshore jurisdictions and why you chose Cook Islands