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Offshore merchant account with a bank


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Jan 5, 2009
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Very interesting reading from a blog post I just found this cclogic . net/blog.php?b=13

I always thought of to get a offshore merchant account but find it almost impossible to get it, but below is how it can be done.

However the problem can be solved very simple. You can become a Merchant Account with some banks in Europe and in countries which aren’t black listed in other banks around the world, once you have this merchant account you can ask the agent or the bank with which you have the merchant account to transfer your funds to an offshore bank account for instant in Cyprus.
Thanks to the author.
Yes and offshore merchant account is the way to go, but if you haven't the sales volume to back it up then you should stick with some regular payment processor.

It costs money to get this running and you need to earne it first.
It depends on your business and what you are going to sell, if it is straight business it should not be a problem to get any merchant account for your offshore bank account.

The term, offshore merchant account has nothing to do with a offshore bank account, thats 2 differend things.
I think I got some clarification, som offshore banks also provide offshore merchant accounts, but they require you to register a company in the country where the bank is. But that isn't a problem, since I assume that you in anyway need to have a offshore company if you want to have a normal offshore bank account !

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