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Offshore Merchant - Durango or another


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Jan 2, 2009
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I'm in the process to plan my business which I know will be considered high risk, however I looked for some hours now and try to get a better picture of this.

What I found so far is Veripay which seemed ok until I see only Visa. I found also GSPAY which is a drama as I read it, then I found durango which looks very good to me, any expirience with them ?
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Durango is cool, however there are alternatives, like chronopay and wirecard and also failsafepayment, the last one is pretty new so maybe you should be careful.
What about Pago, I heard they are on the way out and will be exchanged with some other company of Deutsche Bank ?

Alternative would be ccbill.com if you can live with the high rates.

Also another good solution which I heard of is nochex.com which is a UK processor like MetaCharge.
Durango Merchant service is by far not worth it any longer. In worst case they will refer you to iPayTotal or some of their sister scam sites which will rip you off quickly.

If you are looking for something reliable I would look into something like Instabill, eMerchantPay among the many others which you can find in the resource section of mentor group as well as the forum areas there, tons of good providers there which will be a short cut for everyone seeking a soltuion.

From the resource section:
no, contacted them long time ago, they got the same processors over and over again.
I can supply, they got a new MAP but nothing useful for me. Approach them yourself to find out.