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Oct 5, 2009
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Hello, folks, i have few questions about opening Offshore PayPal account.

I am web-master from Russia, so i can not receive payments through paypal, i can only send payments and make on-line purchases. This is default system limitation for my country, which are applied after registration and verification of account. But i desperately need in the option of money receiving and cashing.

The main question is .. Is there any way or method of opening offshore paypal account? For example, if i will register offshore bank account and apply it to my current or new paypal account, will i get ban from paypal, because country of offshore bank account differs from the country IP i will log-in to paypal account?

Does anybody have similar experience and can share information?

I also confused a bit by offers of opening offshore bank accounts, because all of them require huge minimum deposit. Is there any way to open cheap offshore bank account without visiting county and without huge minimum deposit? I don't need all this options which are provided with offshore account, just money transfer and plastic card to withdraw money in my local ATM.

My turnover of the funds are shy, about $150-$750 monthly.

So, please, point me to the right direction, thanks!
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