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Important! OffShoreCorpTalk Subscriptions & Advertising Methods Explained


Dec 29, 2008
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The OffShoreCorpTalk forum has both public and private sections, as well as different membership statuses for members who want more from this experience. Each subscription comes with specific rules and requirements, so it pays off going through all the rules before deciding which one suits your necessities better.​

Mentor Group Gold subscription
The Mentor Group Gold subscription is the ultimate package for those who are serious about educating themselves on offshore opportunities, as well as those who are ready to make the big step. This premium membership will provide access to the entire forum, including the private and secret ones. A few extra perks worth being mentioned include advertising in the signature, a link to a website and a larger mailbox.

Advertising in the signature can go in two different ways. You can insert text linking to the product or service you provide, but you can also substitute the text for a banner. You will also be able to private message anyone on the forum, from random users to moderators and administrators, regardless of the account status.

Simply put, you get:
  • Access to private and secret forums
  • Large mailbox
  • Ads in the signature – text or banner
  • Access to private messaging anyone
  • Access to the mentor group member CHAT system
  • Access to the large RESOURCE section of the Mentor Group Gold

What you can do with the Mentor Group Gold subscription

Please refer to the terms and conditions and go through the rules associated with the subscription to prevent unexpected situations.
  • You are free to add three lines to your signature and one website only. Your signature can also include your contacts.
  • Private messages can be sent if users ask to contact you. Contacting people directly without permission is not allowed.
  • You can add a link to your website, product or service in your profile information, as well as contact details.

What you cannot do with the Mentor Group Gold subscription

Our terms and conditions outline all the rules associated with the OffShoreCorpTalk Mentor Group Gold subscription. Here are some of the things you are not allowed to do.
  • You cannot spam the forums, create new threads or post irrelevant answers to existing threads in order to promote the link in your signature.
  • You are not allowed to post messages suggesting that you can help people or messages advertising for your service – as well as messages requesting people to contact you.
  • While a link is accepted on your profile and signature, you cannot create actual ads that will invite people to use your services, provide fees and prices.
  • New threads considered ads will not be accepted, but immediately deleted. Promoting services involves purchasing a sticky thread.
  • Direct or hidden advertising covers all the above mentioned rules in one form or another – none of these options is accepted.

Mentor Group Gold Lifetime
The Mentor Group Gold Lifetime is self-explanatory and allows users to provide access to the products or services they offer. Such a membership comes with an extra premium for the advertising part. Users will be allowed to come up with their own threads, where they can advertise their products and services, discuss about them and answer others' questions.

Access to the Mentor Group Gold secret forums is also granted – excellent educational tools for those involved with offshore companies & Offshore banking. It is worth noting that the Mentor Group Gold Lifetime membership does not allow spamming forums with requests for private messages or collaborations. Also, the product or service provided will be analyzed before making it public – it should not breach our terms and conditions.

In short, this subscription will bring you:
  • All the features of the Mentor Group Gold subscription
  • Advertising thread with an additional costs for exposure and communication regarding the product or service
  • 2 Free Advertising (non sticky) threads, lifetime
  • Special privileges, contact us for more information
  • Allow you to sell as an commercial provider of Companies, banking & other financial service in the marketplace forums.

Bronze Membership
The Bronze Membership subscription is the most basic type of membership on the OffShoreCorpTalk forum. It has a few extras compared to a basic account. Most importantly, communication will be unlocked, so you can talk to other users through private messages. The mailbox is unlimited and a link to your website is allowed (no commercial links) in the signature.

Advertising for commercial service providers is not allowed – not even in the signature. The Mentor Group Gold subscription is more suitable for such applications. This package is relatively basic and will show your support for the forums, while letting you cooperate with other users, making new friends and even establishing some partnerships. There is no access to the secret and private forums, but only the public ones.

Bottom line, you get:
  • Unlimited communication with other users
  • Unlimited mailbox
  • The possibility to add a link in the signature
How to advertise on OffShoreCorpTalk
There are two ways to advertise on our forums and each of them comes with specific and crystal clear rules, terms and conditions.

You can visit our direct advertising page in the menu and go through all the packages to figure out which one is more suitable for your product, service or business. We will review your advertising request in order to determine whether your business follows our rules. You can use the same page to buy the optimal advertising package – your campaign will begin as soon as it is approved and payment is received.

It is important to know that you do not require a Mentor Group Gold subscription to advertise on the OffShoreCorpTalk forums. However, you must be registered on the forum in order to buy advertising slots because they usually go in the form of sticky threads. Therefore, you need an account in order to post the respective threads.

How advertising threads work
There are two types of advertising threads. The classic one involves starting a thread that will go sticky. It will show above non sticky threads and it will always be on the first page in the forums of your choice. There is a fixed fee and it is payable on a weekly basis. You will also require the Mentor Group Gold subscription to benefit from advertising threads.

While classic advertising threads will go sticky on forums, the so called sticky thread package is slightly different and allows users to choose the forums or categories they want their forums in too. Fees depend on the forums you choose – seek a free quote by getting in touch with the OffShoreCorpTalk administration.
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