Open bank account in Ireland

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by james David, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. james David

    james David Member Entrepreneur

    Dear All
    Could we open offshore bank account in Ireland, If yes please help.
  2. fx59

    fx59 New Member


    yes check
  3. Nyep

    Nyep Member Entrepreneur

    The company has to be incorporated in Ireland or UK with
  4. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    Moreover, a residence of UBO and Director should be from UK
  5. Nyep

    Nyep Member Entrepreneur

    I remember reading that they'll consider other nationalities if the company is UK/IE.

    Found it: "Registration is open to businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom or Ireland with directors/owners resident and/or citizens of the EU (and other countries available on request)."
  6. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    Yes, you are right!
  7. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    Did anyone of you succeed to open an account there?