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Paid in share capital for Seychelles forex company?

As for the verification of the net worth of the client the Act does not seem to provide any guidelines on this. In fact, the definition of a “Professional Investor” seems to put the onus on the investor stating that the person has a net worth exceeding $1,000,000 and must sign a declaration stating same and consenting to be treated as a professional investor. I think to be safe some reasonable proof should be provided which I would accept a letter from the financial advisor, accountant, bank and/or brokerage statements, etc. supporting the claim.

Where real estate is involved it seems it would require a lawyer or accountant to verify the equity in the property
Thanks Admin, you and your team have been awesome and fantastic. I have been a real pain for you and I aplogize for my behaviour from time to time. You guy's rocks. I'm the happy owner of the Mutual Fund with 50+ investors.
Believe me it is a complicated process to get a setup done in the Seychelles for Forex Trading...while me and a business partner were looking into it we gave up when it came to the fact of proving the USD 1 million to be there in assets. Maybe we failed the mission, however, it should have been easier to accomplish the task.

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