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Cheers mates!

I'm trying to understand the differences between Paxum, Paydek and Paxumbank. I can see Paxum is in Canada, Paydek in UK and Paxumbank in Dominica.

First I was thinking that Paxum is for US and Canada citizens, Paydek for customers from Europe and Paxumbank for all people and companies living abroad.

So I started the register process with all 3 and figured out that you get from all 3 as EU customer a WireCard MasterCard and German IBAN of WireCard for Euro transfers.

I didn't tried them with company business account and now looking for your experience. Is it the same case as with private person that it don't matter with which platform you go and it's more important if it's onshore or offshore?

I was thinking alle the time for example you can't go with a Seychelles company with Paydek or Paxum and only with Paxumbank but since I read all threads about 3 platforms I'm not sure anymore.

I ask you because all 3 have long Business Account Opening forms and I can see on all 3 Platforms they only make difference between the debit card issuer if you are EU or non EU resident. Hope I can safe up time and don't need to proceed with all 3. It looks like they think they are real bank with that many paperwork.

However I'm looking for TransferWise backup for Seychelles company and Paxum/Paydek/Paxumbank would perfectly fits my needs because they have also German IBAN. I read from other user that you don't get dedicated IBAN with offshore company is this true?

Thank's to all of you!

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