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Paypal Merchant services still Unimproved


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Sep 12, 2009
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There has always been problems in paypal merchant services. And yet paypal hasnt reviewed it. Isn't it extraordinary that well over a year has gone by since PayPal said "We are aware that reputation numbers are currently not updating. We are actively working to resolve this issue " yet the problem remains. Perhaps PayPal thinks it doesn't matter. If so, what a display of contemptuous behavior towards its merchants who have made the point repeatedly that A STUCK REPUTATION NUMBER IS A LARGE NEGATIVE FOR BUSINESS. Customers are put off by a business that looks like its stagnating.
george4624286 said:
so why not try us? we are offshore merchant account provider!!!
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Thank you Admin, now this idiot is spamming his service here again!

They might have big troubles to attract clients since they need to spam almost any forum around! :mad:
george4624286 said:
so why not try us? we are offshore merchant account provider!!!
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These people that are running CTOpay must be out to shaft everyone that they can. Not one word that will tell you will be true as to how they operate. What they do tell will all be ancient history once you do sign up with them. You will have very few transactions approved. You will find cusromer service as well as technical support to be clumsly and slow, very slow. Their standard payout is forty-five days BUT they will tell you can get a seven day payout seven days in arrears if you let them set you up with a Chinese Corporation for a mere seven thousand dollars. Guess what 7 and 7 equal to in their country. Yes, you are right! It equals forty-five days! THAT makes it fifty or more to get to you even when the contract you are holding in your hand says specifically they will pay you every seven days, seven days in arrears! I can go on and on but let me close just by saying stay away from them. Life is far to short for their lies and foolishness.
Oh god i dint know some jerk would use this post to promote their service! I am just saying of some flaw in paypal but that doesnt mean we arent gonna use it or switch to some other online service as a alternative! Lol he must be thinking high!!
george4624286 - great username you have there.... why did you register again with a new name...? is this the way scammers do? Also you violated one of this forums rules, it was not allowed to SPAM or do hidden advertising in this forum... just wonder if you also violate the Visa and Mastercard regulations and other parts of your business... also it looks you don't find that rules apply for you...
george4624286 said:
rotaro said:
george4624286 - great username you have there.... :D :D:D
Sure, it is a great name that just belong to me!!! But what you are talking about is only bulls**t here!!
Dont think you hear anything but bulls**t from all here. Cant you understand and oblige to the senior members and not violate rules here? All here are telling you your mistake and you throw attitude to them? That aint cool.

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