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Hello forum!

Like 6 years ago my PayPal personal account was limited.

I don't enter in the account for years.

Now I want to open a uk company and attach a new PayPal business account to it. The PayPal will be used to accept payments in online store.
Will they link accounts and then limit new account?


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Are you sure that they don't mix person and company if the personal account name is the same as company owner?


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PayPal are a bit inconsistent and it seems they largely depend on human reviewers.

Someone I know had an eBay account linked to his PayPal, it was a good account that he'd had for 9 years and then one day he sold a camera, withdrew the money and didn't send out the camera. (I told him the account is worth more than the 300, but he said I need the money.) Anyhow his paypal and ebay got banned, and a few days later he opened a new paypal account: same person, same date of birth, same name, same address, just a different email address and he's been using the new account for a year. PayPal/eBay still send him threatening emails about the money owed.

Meanwhile, I got limited on one account, and tried to make another one, the second one seemed to be OK but got limited as soon as money came in....

Your results may vary...
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