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Paytriot.co.uk scam company

scam company be careful everyone, they ask you first to pay a fee to open a merchant account, the fee is 1995£ which is really high,
i have payed the fees ( stupid from my part) then they give you a stupide account that does not even support 3Ds and when i have asked for 3Ds they blocked my account after i have charged almost 5000€.
and no for more than 2 weeks the merchant account is not working ( i suspect that it is a merchant account as i have no proof of that, they did not sent my money which is supposed to be sent after 7 days.
support is stupid and tricky they always ask you to refer to your account manager( never respond to calls ), his name is Jay and he always have excuses.
be careful don't contact this company.
i have all the proofs for the transactions i have received.
company was registered on 2015 by 2 brothers as they have the same last name and i suspect that they are not British as it is mentioned in the companies house.
It was just temporary for few weeks because I was in a trip, and we had to start processing again after some problems with our last processor we lost thousands, my lawyer is taking care of everything, €7000 is nothing for us, but we need to stop these scammers before they steal more and more
PS: we have been told that FSCS is investigating about them.

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