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Offshore Agent
Having a personal bank account (or if you want to say a checking account) is very familiar in Europe. And some banks are even offer these account for free.

So you do not have any fees to pay if you make any movements on your account.

How is it in your country?


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Business Angel
It is the same in my bank in Germany, they offer free wire transfers if they are to an other German bank account, if it is in another country it is different since they charge about €15 or so for that transfer.


Offshore Agent
We pay some high fees here regardless what we are doing as soon as we move some money they are taking a fee even if it is a another bank account in the same bank.


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Mentor Group Gold
No bank ever will give you anything for free, they are born to be real money machines and they are all under one roof. bustards :tinysmile_cry_t3:


Offshore Agent
No such thing as free checking here, they get you somehow. Some fee or service. Some accounts will charge you for number of transactions in a deposit. Your putting money in for crying out loud.