Pharmacy merchant account for herbal business India?

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  1. Aaalister

    Aaalister Offshore Agent

    I need to find a pharmacy merchant account for my herbal business in India, do you know of any one?

    If not, do you know how I can do so I can get a merchant account for my business please?
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  2. Admin

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    Well, only option for Pharmacy that I know of is Instabill and some processor in Latvia and one in Lebanon.

    You may Google or PM me if you want more information.
  3. walterz

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    Instabill is one of the most popular for your needs OP
  4. riansyahputra

    riansyahputra New Member

    can someone tell me what's the site of instabil?
  5. walterz

    walterz Member

    You can access Instabill Here . Don't forget read their Privacy Policy And TOS first before you start using them.
  6. realcat

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    Can you name that processor from Latvia if you remember?
  7. auric

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  8. Leo 3rd

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    Pm me I have a few herbal accounts available for processing
  9. Ashish Pandey

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    Dear Merchant,
    appreciate your query, please go through the website www.highriskgateways.in. the best herbal Merchant account provider located in Delhi (India). they can help you to find domestic & international account for pharmacy.