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pharmacymerchantaccounts.com, anyone know them ?

MasterCard does not allow online pharmacies as they state on their website so that’s scary.

They are related to highriskmerchantaccounts.co.uk and megatrendconsulting.com (same phone numbers). Their registered address appears to be in the UK but who knows who is behind the operations and where they are actually operating from.
They are a scam, I have read several places that people got burned by them, they don't answer any e-mails, live chats or phone... they take your money and run. I hope they get cought soon.
And many other scams are out there, have a partner which just got into the clows of ctocharge, they are a bunch of fake and don't know anything about this. I feel sorry for the merchants which go with them, they will soon loose their business.

Everyone i am Sammy the owner of CTOCHARGE i have no idea who did add a note against ctocharge, but we are inviting the person who did to contact me as we have no problems with any merchants, we are not in business since an hour a ago, so i kindly suggest to the people who did add some bad words, to reconsider, since those are not at the proper place,

So basically I say,before you going ahead,and adding words with non sense,coem to us and ask,we will be more then happy to assist you with any concern,

We do process most of the areas as pharmacy, all meds ,tabacoo, adult, replica and many more .

Visa amex mc echeck,and so on..



[email protected]
Everyone writes that they are cheaters, you can write about any processor, but there is concrete evidence on them, so that it is clear to beginners, but for now only blah, blah. The bad ones deceived the sister of the grandmother's neighbor ... on some forums they simply block without confirmation ... I don’t tell anyone to use their services, I just want to understand whether it’s possible to work with them or not?

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