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Usually I would not start a thread about people that try to scam or in other way harm but I feel it is time to reveal the methods this company is using, more to warn others in the same situation.

As some of you may already have read there has been a discussion between the forum owners and Rashal International LLC Rashal International LLC - Banking Solutions which also is the company and the people behind iPay Total who tried to blackmail the owners of this forum.

There was a thread started here Anyone heard of IPayTotal? by one of the members of this forum which made us all aware of the fraudulent activity that take place with the company iPay Total, while he posted it started a stream of information coming in from various users of the forum which more and more confirmed this to be a scam. got contacted, like many time before when scam operations are revealet, by Rashal International LLC who claim that iPay Total is a client of them and that they want us to take down the thread or they would contact the registrator of the domain to take it down. We refused but made them an offer to engage in the conversations to show people they are legit, they refused.

So we received this e-mail from Rashal International LLC:
Trust you are doing well.
We have today sent you an urgent email, prior to your registrar's ( feedback.
Kindly proceed with the removal of the following thread Anyone heard of IPayTotal? and all posts related to Ipaytotal from your most esteemed blogging site.

Once done, we shall inform your registrar that same were fulfilled.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Kind regards,
Rashal International LLC.
Legal Department.
After that, we got a spoofed e-mail which should look like it were coming from and on which we responded directly to name which could inform us about the following: Compliance
Sep 18, 6:07 PM MDT

Thank you for your email. The communication cited in your email between your complainant, [email protected], and [email protected] is entirely fabricated. did not send the email this complainant has provided to you whose email signature we note contains an incorrect address for our offices.

It appears that the individual at the address [email protected] has sent you a fabricated email as

At no point did state we intended to take action against the domain in question.

Please let us know if you should have any further questions.
Thank you, Abuse
Everything went out for good and we learned another lesson :D I just want to warn everyone if they engage with such phony companies to what they actually do to get what they want.

Hope it can help, one or another.
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God damn!, what Rashal doing here???. are they really phony company?. these guys are huge and our company depends on them for R&Ds and stuffs. But good to know that they are phony too. :oops:


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Good luck with them, a company that use methods of blackmailing people, using false e-mails and hide behind suspicious operations is for sure not a company I would engage with unless I was in the same boat as them or not aware of it.


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I like the reply from - means Rashal International LLC are assholes big times. All taken beside, your can't trust a payment processor like iPay Total who accept illegal pharmacy and casino to play by the rules, I bet Rashal and iPay is one and the same owner and they are out to assfuck people hard by taking their money.