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scam warning

  1. M


    ATTENTION SCAM! We been client of GATWICK AG LTD since then we been scammed by this company and never received nor serviced we paid nor refund we asked. 27.10.2022 we purchased a company registered in Hong Kong, which supposed to have opened bank account in CITI BANK, accordingly signed a...
  2. terminator5505

    PayPal Will Steal All Your Money After the 180 Days

    Hello I'm sharing this to raise awareness people need to know that PayPal is not trustworthy. By using PayPal you agree upon their unfair TOS and they will eventually take all your money. I've successfully processed a total of $160000 through PayPal in a period of 2 years. They stole $23000...
  3. A

    REVIEW scam warning !! https://companix.info (companix)

    hello everyone, CAREFUL!!! i want to share my story with @companix i saw advertising in this forum (paid advertising) and decided to open account with them, they offered POLISH account ready to use (corporate) for about 6k euro i offered it to my customer and bought it for him, everything was...
  4. A

    Do Not Use ONEIBC or OFFSHORECOMPANYCORP - They will steal your Money!

    Hello Everyone... I write this post with great disappointment, I was sucked into a scam going by the same company that trades under 2 names.. 1. ONEIBC and 2. OFFSHORECOMPANYCORP CAUTION: THEY WILL LIE TO YOU, MAKE FALSE PROMISES & STEAL YOUR MONEY & NOT DELIVER WHAT YOU PAID FOR! Once upon a...
  5. Amnesius

    Warning: The PPAY INC. is a SCAM PSP run by David Philip Webb!

    I just want to make the public aware of a very dangerous and manipulative criminal. He goes by the name of David Philip Webb aka Philip Arcand and his companies are PPAY Inc. and General Dynamicxs Inc. located in Welland, Ontario Canada. David Webb claims that he can process credit cards for...
  6. JohnLocke

    Phony company Rashal International LLC and iPayTotal.com

    Hello, Usually I would not start a thread about people that try to scam or in other way harm OffshoreCorpTalk.com but I feel it is time to reveal the methods this company is using, more to warn others in the same situation. As some of you may already have read there has been a discussion...