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I just want to make the public aware of a very dangerous and manipulative criminal. He goes by the name of David Philip Webb aka Philip Arcand and his companies are PPAY Inc. and General Dynamicxs Inc. located in Welland, Ontario Canada.

David Webb claims that he can process credit cards for any high-risk industry, but will just end up keeping ALL of your funds. I have been in contact with several other business owners who were also victims of David Webb and he has stolen several millions of dollars from his merchants. From the discussions I have had with the others he keeps the same pattern. He sets up fraudulent STRIPE.COM accounts to process credit cards and he has no PSP merchant accounts of his own and he is not a true credit card PSP and of course he has no license or any agreement from VISA or Mastercard to be entitled in any way to run a legal credit card processing company.

David Webb allows you to ring up sales through his processing accounts with a 21 payout delay and then he makes up some crazy line of crap and comes up with weird excuses to delay your settlements and on the very end he refuses to release the payouts and he run off with all your sales. He is changing his name and his websites frequently to cover up his shady business practices as long as possible and to be able to find new victims to steal their money.

I hope this has, at least helped someone here on this forum to save themselves the awful experience we had. We are already in contact with the Canadian and US law enforcements to put this criminal behind bars again ASAP.

The owner of PPAY Inc. David Philip Webb aka Philip Arcand, age 58, was released in May of 2011 after doing 10 years for his part in inserting numerous fraud/fictitious merchants into a bank's portfolio causing over 12 millions in losses. He is now trying to manipulate public data by writing fake positive reviews about his shady companies. Philip Arcand changed his name from Philip Arcand to David Philip Webb and is now back in the merchant processing business to defraud unsuspecting online merchants! and

David Philip Webb aka Philip Arcand is currently being investigated for misappropriating over $2 million from customers by, among other things, transferring customer funds into personal bank accounts, and using those funds for personal expenses and the purchase of luxury goods. David Philip Webb aka Philip Arcabd is still looking for new victims by setting up fake payment processing websites and fake crypto currency exchange services called and



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We can confirm the above!
Stay as far away as possible, this man is very hostile and agresive!

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