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Discussion in 'Paypal' started by digitallover, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. digitallover

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    Okay, so- I have a completely verified account. Person #2 also has a verified account. What we *want* to do is have Person #2 send $300 to a new, fake Paypal that I will make. I will then use the $300 in the fake account to buy bitcoin from virwox.

    What I want to know is- how much money can you receive from Paypal before they want you to verify your account? Is there an even more anonymous was to buy bitcoin without ID other than virwox?

    I just want to make sure Paypal can't trace any of this beyond the first account.
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  2. Hobbit

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    Virwox probably wont accept unless your "fake"-paypal is verified.
    If i remember correctly that means you need a bank account attached to it.

    The amount of money you can receive before paypal wants documents differs on the country.
    In the US this is 20k USD i believe, in Europe this might start allready at 1.8k EUR.

    Canada is good for that i believe, you don't usually have to provide ID there at a specific point.
  3. digitallover

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    What if I send it from the fake account to a verified, real account? Basically, will Paypal let an unverified account receive $300 and then send that $300? I guess what I'm asking is what is an unverified Paypal account's limit?
  4. Hobbit

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    Again - that depends on the country that account is registered in.
    But you should be easily able to lift the limits by adding a VCC to the "fake" account
  5. alma89

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    The maximum amount of money is vary depending on the country. For ex, in my country i can send or recieve $500 with unverified account but i can not withdraw it.