providing anonymity in hosting, server configuration, network


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this will be my second post in this forum. i come from an IT background and i would like to contribute to the forum by giving some consultation of hiding yourself from hosting, bulletproof your server from copyrights, dmca, etc. setting up vpn to secure all connections to the server so that nothing can be traced back to you. encrypt your server's data and no authority able to pry open and find out who you are. if you are planning to do or are already doing some nasty things. I am just your IT guy to look for. lol.

i do not charge any money, just want to make some friends. I do have IT knowledge to share and i hope to learn a thing or two from you like going anonymous with the banks, paypals etc. money laundring tactics..

can i start doing PM in this forum yet ?

have a good day ..



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Hello, very cool topic.
I am also very interested in this.

I am now creating a store using offshore hosting, paid with bitcoin, domain purchased with bitcoin.
Store is being build using woocommerce wordpress plugin.
VPN also used for sure. I like expressvpn.

First time i hear about servers data encryption - that is very very cool idea.

Also I have no idea how to make a server bulletproof from copyrights ? That should be very interesting discussion.


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I am a newbie so my recommendations can be not tested fully yet. For hosting I now use they accept bitcoin and seem to be more flexible about what type of content is being loaded to their servers.

I just want to make this topic more alive.
Dear @mishari , could you be more specific about encrypted data on servers ?

Thank you