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Purchasing Seychelles Incorporation Is a Wise Decision

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If you’re planning on forming a company in the sun-soaked Seychelles, you’re definitely making a smart decision. Since this type of incorporation is so very beneficial, many of the smartest and savviest entrepreneurs in the world do choose to form companies in the Seychelles, with a mind to achieving their business goals, via the generation and protection of wealth.

In case you didn’t know, the Republic of Seychelles is situated between eastern Africa and India – it’s an archipelago which rests in the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. This republic is part of the continent of Africa.

To help you understand the myriad advantages of purchasing Seychelles Incorporation via a reputable and affordable provider company, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Why Incorporate in the Seychelles?

The benefits of choosing this form of incorporation are extensive. For example, when you select this method of incorporation, you’ll be able to own a company, regardless of how much capital you are planning to put into your new venture. Seychelles law doesn’t specify a minimum or maximum capital requirement, so this business gambit offers tons of flexibility to entrepreneurs.

Another advantage of choosing Seychelles incorporation is that fees which are related to incorporation are fixed. In other words, you’ll always pay the same amount for renewal fees that you paid at the beginning, even if renewal fees have gone up. Since you’re locked in at the initial rate, the cost of keeping your company incorporated will be very affordable.

In addition, you won’t need to keep accounts with this type of company. This means that yearly reports for auditing and accounting purposes won’t be mandatory requirements. As an added bonus, the stakeholders, officers and directors of your company won’t need to be residents of this African archipelago, and company VIPs may be real people or corporate entities.

Seychelles Incorporation Happens Fast
Since it is possible to incorporate in only twenty-four hours, this exceptional business opportunity is a lightning-fast way to own a company in a place with laws which grant you exceptional freedom to conduct your affairs as you see fit.

The key to getting things done properly will be choosing a provider company whose skilled team members know how to cut through all of the red tape. When you choose us today, you’ll get the superlative service that you really deserve, without any downside.

We are here to take care of the hard work for you, for reasonable rates. In addition, we’ll be able to offer you the very best in expertise and guidance as you embrace this exciting and practical business venture.


hannibal the cannibal
For regular online business I would at any time choose Seychelles for privacy if that play a role in my plans. If you don't care with the privacy a European offshore company like Malta, Cyprus or the UK may be better for your business and options to expand later.


New member
It may be but how can it be a one fit all? I would say that what offshore jurisdiction one choose has to depend on what goals are, what is sold and what would work best for his business or not?
I don't think it's an 1 fit all solution. It just covers so much for so little money. I can find lot's of benefits to incorporate my business in the Seychelles.

I'm in touch with the this guys Seychelles Company Formation - get total privacy, we can help you they made me an good offer to get a Seychelles incorporation and bank account.


Corporate Services
Mentor Group Gold
With all the complications now a days to incorporate your business in the Seychelles I should have registered at least 10 Seychelles corps while time was for it. Today they are requesting so much documents there that it looks like the same shit as the BVI!


Mentor Group Gold
If you have all the documents it require for a Seychelles company formation then it's a great place but the requirements they have to the documents now a days are insane, sorry to say so.


New member
Why don't you think so maiden. It seems to me you didn't understand what he means? It does not required personal visit for a Seychelles offshore company formation! I read it all over the forum here.


Active Member
Why did they made it so complicated to register a company in the Seychelles? There was a time I read somewhere there you could get your company within 1 hour! that's never seen since then!


Active Member
Seychelles deserves the spotlight. Cyprus became one of the most common country to start making Offshore bank accounts. I think its time for Seychelles to rise. Just my opinion.
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