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seychelles company formation

  1. T

    Seychelles IBC Formtation/Setup Prices

    Hi, I am considering a new IBC Setup in Seychelles. I have done a lot of research of pricing and it varies widely, essentially for the same services. So I would welcome messages or replies for the complete service, registered agent, Apostile, seal, delivery etc I know I shouldnt go for...
  2. E

    IBC company establishing in Seychelles and bank account

    I wanna establish offshore company in Seychelles and wanna bank account. And I saw in Seychelles government cost is max 2500 SCR, around 80usd but consultant companies wants around 1000 EUR. It is too expensive. How I can make it appropriate cost? Then wanna open bank account and also I see it...
  3. Z

    Delaware VS Seychelles

    Hello, I'm a non-US resident based in Beirut and I'm looking to set up an offshore company. The nature of the business is consultancy services targeting the Middle East and Africa region i.e. all our clients are outside the US and we won't have any business activity in the US. Which...
  4. Admin

    Seychelles Company - Removal of public access to filed Register of Directors

    There is some great news which I want to share with you guys. 1. Removal of public access to filed Register of Directors Under the previous provisions of the IBC Act, the copies of Register of Directors filed with the Registrar would have become public on 1st December, 2018. The Amendment Act...
  5. Marko Krassus

    Reliable services to setup Belize or Seychelles company?

    Hi there guys, i've been lurking on the forums for a couple of weeks now and reading through as much information as I can to understand what's the best way to go about this. It seems Belize/St Kitts and Nevis for Company + EMI? I'm actually in need of simply registering a company in the...
  6. MoneyMiner

    What is the best jurisdiction Belize or Seychelles?

    I get confused because I have to choose between a Belize and Seychelles Company. What is the difference in regards to these entities if I use special service from @auric ?
  7. wtf

    What is total costs for Belize or Seychelles company?

    Hello Guys & Gals I want to know what the total costs are for Belize or Seychelles Company formation? I see lot's of prices around that vari from €350 to 1400 how can I check what is included and why one service provider / agent charge 350 while another charge 1400 ? I don't really care if...
  8. Tyler Durden

    Is a nominee director enough to show management jurisdiction?

    Does anybody know if having a nominee director is enough to show that the company is managed from the jurisdiction it is registered in? For example, if I register a Seychelles IBC with nominee director, will the company only be liable for taxes in Seychelles or do I also need a nominee...
  9. Admin

    Purchasing Seychelles Incorporation Is a Wise Decision

    If you’re planning on forming a company in the sun-soaked Seychelles, you’re definitely making a smart decision. Since this type of incorporation is so very beneficial, many of the smartest and savviest entrepreneurs in the world do choose to form companies in the Seychelles, with a mind to...
  10. Admin

    Seychelles Company Formation - the following rules and regulations are mandatory:

    Seychelles IBC (International Business Company) charges an incorporation fee of € 795. This includes all the government charges providing a fully established Seychelles offshore company. To register an offshore account the following rules and regulations are mandatory: The name of the offshore...
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