Question about sternbank - received spam mail from them!

Martin Everson

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Then they will keep taking high risk customers, there is a big and juicy market for this kind of customers ( I m a bit one of them too)
Yes that's true as pretty much every other bank has moved into new age in term of acceptable risks. Yes, these last few pockets of resistance i.e Stern will get all the high risk and shady business the other banks have had to give up but the hammer will come down on them. As Magoo said correspondence banks WILL be pressured by US and EU to pull the plug on such banks if regulators are unwilling to do it. So they better scoop up all the high risk business they can while they can as their days are numbered in reality.

Mr Magoo

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In my opinion the weak spot of banks lik Stern, Erabanq etc is not the fact that they one day need to report under AEOI/CRS, but simply that no bank wants to deal with them anymore. Then you loose all as a customer, except you can look once in a while to your balance on their site on your laptop and knowing you cant move it anywhere. Many people dont see this more eminent danger since all processing is like a black box for many.

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