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there are no sites where patients can rate their general practitioners, dentists, psychologists and, for students, teachers, without fear of censorship and prosecution in Germany. I want to setup such a site, with no censorship and no possibility for the "other side" to get comments removed. Source of income would be the premium accounts for the reviewed should they want to increase their reputation, and a special fee if they try to get results deindexed from Google, which of course I would circumvent and add a little notice that this person tried to get unfavorable reviews deleted by Google.

Such a business would have to run from an offshore location with good payment processors that wouldn't refuse to do business with such a site. Where would you base such a company, which country is best for the bank account, which payment processors would you recommend? Paypal would be important, as many Germans don't use credit cards.


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I was wondering if you ever found a setup that worked for you and if so if it is still working?

During the time of being here on OCT I have learned lots of good stuff and today I would know how to setup something exactly as you require so I do hope you do??


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Seychelles, Belize, St.Kitts all great countries for such a website!