Rietumu - for all victims of fraudulent account closure and theft of funds

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  1. amurtes

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    Hey bro, I am in the exact situation like you. I need my money to run my affiliate marketing business. And yeah lots of passion and hard work is in this money.

    I probably will take the action you took cause I am losing more money when being inactive. It could be well to talk about aff marketing with you TBH but don't know how to share contact here.

    P.S: Did they charge the ridicilious 1000 euro fee for the May as well?

  2. kst2001

    kst2001 New Member

    Yes they did charged me twice that monthly fee of 1000 EUR + other ridiculous fees. 6000 EUR in fees for 2 months while they kept my business blocked.

    PS: this is my website: AdvertSense - my email address in footer
  3. ddavid

    ddavid New Member

    I haven’t heard anything from them. Is anyone in the same situation with me?
  4. piratehuntercarl

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    Hello - I m new here but already had a fight with rietumu in the past.
    Do you guys have a law firm now? We should definetly send a threatening letter..
  5. ClientRiet

    ClientRiet New Member

    I am going to do that.
  6. piratehuntercarl

    piratehuntercarl New Member

    My idea was to get the money out of the accounts and then get back the funds they withdrew on a monthly basis illegaly. (account wasnt working so why 1000 EUR fee)
  7. piratehuntercarl

    piratehuntercarl New Member

    Clientriet - how can I get in touch with you
  8. Dana

    Dana New Member

    Hi, I just signed up for a different reasons, but I was in exactly the same situation, account blocked because of due diligence, increased fees, and charges for due diligence. Anyhow, I did two things, politely pointed out that money extortion is a criminal offense, and reported them to Latvian money and capital commission and EU commission, and provided Rietumu with reference numbers. Suddenly I was allowed to close the account regardless of DD and with no extra fees. However at that stage I have already provided all the documents (and yes, they constantly requested more, hoping that I would not have it available), so they informed me that I passed DD, and refunded eur 500 which is laughable. I was also forced to sign the final document, however legal opinion that coersion as well as money extortion is illegal. BTW although I received the money, my account is still open, and they are not sending out bank reference, for which one has to pay eur 200. I plan to send an invoices for overcharged fees and DD costs.
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  9. ClientRiet

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    Hi piratehuntercarl, I am new to the site s
    I am not sure. I guess we need to ask admin permission to post a reference?
  10. ClientRiet

    ClientRiet New Member

    I have just created a specific email for this, clientret AT peoplestandup DOT com. With admin permission.
  11. dathan

    dathan New Member

    just mailed you my details, we have to move with a local lawyer in a joint action
  12. Serni

    Serni New Member

    Hi guys!
    Did you here about website "We Are Not Shell"? It's mostly about Rietumu.
    There is the Telegram-channel with all the guys who were clients of Rietumu, you are welcome to join. Right now it's mostly Russian-speaking, but you can speak English there as well.
    I am one of you. I have around 80K euro, Scottish LP.
    I am sure the only thing the bank cares for now is the publicity. They are trying to erase all the information everywhere it is published. Because of myself, there are 2 articles in Russian, but we need more, much more.
    Next week I am going to Riga to talk to the police. My wife is from Riga, so if you need any help in the translation from English to Latvian - you are welcome. Let's stay together, guys!
  13. Mangiafuoco

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    I'm a Rietumu victim too. €50k+ frozen by bangsters. Want to participate in a joint action.
  14. ddavid

    ddavid New Member

    Dana, thanks a lot for the information. Could you post the emails you sent to? And it would be highly appreciated if you could provide the template of the email you send to them, thanks a lot!
  15. uvat

    uvat New Member

    Same situation here. 60k frozen with Rietumu. I want to join the class action.
  16. Dana

    Dana New Member

    Here we go; the main web site for Latvian Commission is FKTV.lv. Mail was sent to [email protected]. I can also confirm that they acted and replied within the 2 weeks, stating that they inspection is in progress (which explains sudden agreement to close the account with no restrictions regardless of DD). I would suggest that we send as many complaints as possible, ASAP,. They have confirmed that information shared during the inspection will remain confidential. They have also stated the following:
    Moreover, if you consider that you have incurred losses as a result of the Bank's unjustified action, it would be a civil dispute and you have the right to seek protection in court of your infringed rights by law under the Civil Procedure Law of the Republic of Latvia (i.e. Section 1) according to which every natural or legal person has a right to protection of their infringed or disputed civil rights, or interests protected by law, in court./
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  17. Dana

    Dana New Member

    EU Commision site link is on fktv site. For Email template sent to Rietumu pls send me a PM. Also, not sure if I broke any rules by stating fktv mail, if so, admin, pls forgive me :)
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  18. ddavid

    ddavid New Member

    Dear Dana,

    Thanks a lot. I am new here, I haven’t learned how to get approval from admin to post email address here. If it is appropriate, I am sorry and admin please delete my reply. Dana could you please send template to chowyunfat9 at hotmail dot com? Thanks in advance!
  19. SLMA

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    Dear Dana can you let me know your email.
  20. ddavid

    ddavid New Member

    It seems everybody here has already got Rierumu’ green light? I just received a message yesterday, asking me to provide more documents and explanation