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SCAM - SPAM crack heads from I don't know where -read and laugh!

Normally I would never publish my Skype log, but since this Crack head deserve it, than it is time to post his crap on a public forum for all to see how they operate and how stupid those people are.

[18:52:34] Pharmacy Getway says:hello
[18:54:47] fidusa says:Hello

[18:54:56] Pharmacy Getway says:h r u

[18:55:38] fidusa says:what?

[18:55:56] Pharmacy Getway says:ar you runing phamacy

[18:57:45] fidusa says:no I don't run any pharmacy

[18:58:51] Pharmacy Getway says:which proces your runing

[18:59:56] fidusa says:Bank of Guartemalla

[19:00:45] Pharmacy Getway says:what type proces

[19:01:48] fidusa says:Visa, Mastercard and Amex

[19:02:02] Pharmacy Getway says: you refil that card

[19:02:51] Pharmacy Getway says: becaues i am runing my merchant account

[19:03:13] Pharmacy Getway says: so i can help you

[19:04:24] Pharmacy Getway says: ?

[19:04:26] fidusa says: Yes I refil this card very much

[19:04:37] Pharmacy Getway says: where are you from

[19:04:50] fidusa says:Turkey

[19:04:55] Pharmacy Getway says: ok

[19:05:11] Pharmacy Getway says: can you want earn more

[19:05:20] Pharmacy Getway says: so i tell you my process

[19:06:35] Pharmacy Getway says: ?

[19:07:52] fidusa says:yes yes

[19:08:17] Pharmacy Getway says:we charge master and visa card and give you 55% on that

[19:09:57] Pharmacy Getway says:tell me that

[19:10:31] fidusa says:cool

[19:10:40] fidusa says:sounds like a real good deal

[19:11:18] Pharmacy Getway says:so wana star work with me

[19:11:24] fidusa says:yes yes

[19:11:37] Pharmacy Getway says:you start today

[19:12:00] fidusa says:cool, yes

[19:12:49] Pharmacy Getway says:so i send you detail i need that

[19:13:20] fidusa says:yes thank you, please send it to this e-mail

[19:13:28] Pharmacy Getway says:eek:k

[19:14:00] fidusa says:keepyourshit@dumb-a*s.com - this is for the offers we get from people like you - spammer.

[19:14:14] Pharmacy Getway says:eek:k

[19:22:18] Pharmacy Getway says:just check the mail
My got I hope they soon will die all :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

And this dumb a*s is still bagging me on Skype for the information; he even did not recognize the e-mail I gave him is fake :1orglaugh::1orglaugh::1orglaugh:
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LoL, you are not alone, those scammers should just get the Internet connection blocked :)

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