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About the Gibraltar side company, I have a very specific need that should not apply to anyone else.

Yes for IB and shares. I have not heard the same for ETFs, sorry.
I appreciate you reply mAzzy. I have been reading up on it (ofc no proper legal advise) and a lot of sources state that ETFs are tax free.

"According to Andorran legislation, the exemption applies to capital gains and losses obtained as a result of transfer and redemption operations of shares and participations of collective investment organizations and legal entities, as long as less than 25% is owned (or more than 25% if have been owned for more than 10 years). Therefore it would also apply in that case."

It would certainly be an option holding crypto and commodity investments via ETFs tax free.

Since there is so little information about Andorra out there, may I ask you how Andorra has been handling the pandemic in terms of lockdowns and if they are also enforcing some type of vaccine passport?


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Allright, I'm only trading derivatives and spot at 10% so I was not sure.

About the pandemic, you should find some accurate overlook at this page

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What jurisdiction did you choose?

Hello guys. It's been awhile since I las posted here. Since then I've been working full time in the crypto space. And to avoid taxation what I decided to do for now is simply to not be a resident of my country anymore. I am not a residency of any country, and therefore not taxable anywhere. The limitations for that approach is that I can't stay more than 6 months in my country, and also because I have no residency anywhere else, I still need to declare myself as a brazilian resident for signing up at brokers, banks and crypto exchanges.
I am now considering either getting a residency in a 0 tax country like Paraguay or Uruguay, or getting an offshore, just for that extra layer of protection. But during my talks with my lawyer, there is a good chance that I will be fine, specially if I remove all my money from here, and thus become less attractive for the local IRS.