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He stopped replying to my messages in telegram.

I was able to confirm that they allow as long as you can pass the CM-Equity AG KYC. I have no idea about how hard would be that.
I'm sure I am waiting for your ID

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Really funny guys -- I thought 'Im the only one' with these specific questions (thats at least the impression I got when I asked different advisors and they looked at me with big open eyes) and saw you in exact same place.
Great to brain-storm together :)

Basically the trade-off I see for now is the following:
x - US LLC pros:
- No accounting/audit as non US resident
- Stocks: Possibility to open IBKR account
- Possibility to open a bank account

x - US LLC cons:
- Crypto: Cant open Binance/FTX accounts and Binance US/FTX US not an option due to lack of important features
- Stocks: If using US LLC to trade US stocks/options/futures, need to pay US taxes as generated in the US

x - BVI pros:
- no accounting/audits
- Crypto: Possibility to open FTX/Binance accounts (in theory)
- Stocks: IFFF one could open an IBKR account (or with similar broker) profits would be tax free

x - BVI cons:
- Issue opening bank accounts (apart possibly with Signature/Silvergate Bank)
- Stocks: Potentially not be able to open IBKR account

Are the above the trade-offs you'd also see?

I mean 'worst case' I'd open BVI or similar for Crypto and US LLC for Crypto.
Problem here may be that BVI wont be able to open an IBKR account and as such would need an entity which would be able to do that....
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