1. simplex

    simplex New Member

    I've read about people that are using a holding in the Seychelles to reduce the taxes on their income with the Cyprus limited. Can somebody explain how that works exactly?
    -Is it that the holding sends invoices to the Cyprus limited (For rights, domain leasing etc.)?
    -Or is it some kind of dividend that is sent from the Cyprus limited to the holding? If so, how does it work exactly?

    2. Are there other advantages of such a model or is it just to reduce taxes?

    3. Are there other ways to reduce the taxes on a cyprus ltd?

  2. diablo

    diablo Banned Users Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    this is most often how it works. Also you can simply send Money to the Cyprus company that get not taxed there.
  3. simplex

    simplex New Member

    is it legal to simply send money?
  4. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    yes it is legal and you won't find anyone asking questions depending on what agent you are using ;)
  5. The24

    The24 VIP Member Mentor Group Sponsor

    who do you think is the best agent?
  6. diablo

    diablo Banned Users Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    I send Money each day to my Cyprus company and also from the CYP to SC company.. never got troubles for years!