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Skype number to receive SMS


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Jan 8, 2023
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I need a phone number to receive SMS via internet.
I need it for banks, crypto exchanges, payment processos.
I've had ones from DTAC Thai but they are discontinuing the service next month.

I'm aware of Twilio, but as I've discovered, not all SMS from every service out there will get delivered to a Twilio number. Some countries require a local address or other types of KYC.

As for Zadarma -- they require to go through KYC to receive SMS. They use a third-party KYC service, and in the list of the countries Russia isn't present. Motherfuckers :mad:

Can Skype Number be used to receive SMS? Has anyone used it?

It's unclear Get a local phone number & answer calls on Skype from anywhere | Skype
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