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Social Bookmarking

No, I am not using any of these social bookmarking sites, because I learned my lesson with them.

A friend of mine was was listed in a lot of them and the end of it was, she had to fight against an identification theft. Suddenly she has to prove, who she was and that somebody uses her identity.

So take care, if you subscribe to such a site, some of them sell your data and if you are listed in a few of these sites, people can find out a lot more about you then you really want them to know.
Are you kidding, it is SEO for newbies to use Social bookmarking for your website and articles..... I use them all, just get a free e-mail to sign up with, use fake data and you are good.
No, I am not kidding. If you share information an social sites like Twitter etc. and somebody is taking the time to follow your writing on the different sites, this one is able to count one and one together and use your data.

Or are we talking about different things?
Social bookmarking is a great way to promote your site, but dont write an honest private info. Dont put your real full name, your address, and even your birthday. Most of my friends prefer to use a nickname instead