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Stay away from Western Union

LoL, I have used WU a few times without any troubles but you need to be careful if you pay someone through WU since the money is for ever gone, you can't make any dispute or something.
True that you will ran into scammers which only offer WU as payment, But it is very common to use in many countries and very fast to send payment to anyone if you are not able to use PayPal.
I had used western Union a couple of time and I never had a problem using them. Although I think that their commissions are a bit high however if you are not aware of how people use Western Union for scam then you would certainly have bitter experience with western union.
Zordani said:
I never deal with Western Union, as they're a nest of scammers and con artists. If someone requests money through them, I run like crazy. Not to mention their outrageous commissions.
I'm not sure that I agree that Western Union is the one to worry about. It's the scammers and con artists that ask you to wire money that I'd be worried about. I've used WU before with no problem.
I agree it is not Western Union you have to blame, if someone scams you by transferring money with them.

I believe that Western Union is helpful, if your are in foreign country and have nothing in spite of your passport. You can call home and asks your family to send you money and you can get it by showing your passport at the next Western Union agency.

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