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Stripe for VoIP services for call centers. High risk?


Hello folks, I want to start a legit business similar to twilio. Mainly to sell VoIP services to call centers like twilio.

Turnover will be 10k per month.

I was about to get a UK LTD and a UK ACCOUNT until I was shocked to see this:

They have a high risk category and mentioned "prepaid calling cards, phone services, cellphone"

Do you guys really thing that such business with a stylish website will fall into this category?

I was blown away from Stripe because I want to start going other legit businesses with them and they offer good rates....

Would it be better to simply put up a fake site like webhosting or consulting services to get the stripe account?


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If you don't want to risk your money or interruption of your business then my best advise would be to contact Stripe, even pick up the phone if possible and call them to ask if your business model is accepted. It will take you a few minutes and you can move forward in one or another direction.

If Stripe does not allow your business activity then look here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/resources/categories/payment-service-provider.4/ you are a Mentor Group Gold member and have access to the carefully sorted list of payment service providers there.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I got the response from Stripe they dont support it.

Could you please give me ideas of business service that generally they accept, for example webhosting? I still want to get stripe ready for any future proyect.
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