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Breaking News! The Battle for Truth: OffshoreCorpTalk vs Hamilton Reserve Bank

Breaking News!
While it might be easy to have the case dismissed, I would instead file a counterclaim and ask for damages. Perhaps some litigation funder would be interested in the case.
It's also something we're considering after we talked about it a few weeks ago, however, initiating such a case also requires time, which we don't have at the moment. Should this situation escalate, then it's definitely something we're considering taking action on.

“The Prime Minister, Dr Terrance Drew, has rejected a statement attributed to him in a paid press release published on various international news sites and social media propaganda pages. [In the] published article, the Prime Minister, is allegedly quoted with a statement that he did not make about Hamilton Reserve Bank.

The Prime Minister, upon being notified of the article today, had this to say: “it is highly improper for any company to pay for the international publishing of a quote which I did not make. The general public must know that I did not make any comment about Hamilton Reserve Bank publicly or privately, in Dubai or otherwise.”

LOL! What kind of bank is this :D

Edit: some more reading material on the bank:

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Yeah, you can really start to wonder, is it even a bank or just a businessman trying to make money by suing countries, authorities, institutions and online forums?
It's gotta be a sweet deal, suing companies and countries instead of making cash the straight-up, honorable way. Hamilton Reserve Bank? More like Hamilton Reserve Joke, it's not even a real bank!
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Where did you find this information ?

On August 30, 2023, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York informed the Court that the United States was considering whether to file a statement of interest with respect to the defendant's motion to stay and requested until October 2 to do so. An Order of September 6 granted the Government's request. Also on September 6, the French Republic and the United Kingdom ("UK") sought leave, as members of the Paris Club, to file an amicus brief in support of Sri Lanka's motion to stay (the "Paris Club Amicus Brief"). That request was granted the same day.

France and the UK support the request by Sri Lanka for a temporary stay "in order to safeguard the ongoing debt restructuring process." They assert that a judgment in favor of Hamilton before that process is completed "would risk disrupting the ongoing negotiations by creating an incentive for holdout creditors, thereby jeopardizing the comparability of treatment between different categories of creditors." They explain that such a disruption "would lead to delays in the negotiations, delaying the cash disbursement by the IMF to the debtor country and resulting in significant costs for Sri Lanka and the official creditors' taxpayers."

On October 2, the Government filed a statement of interest in support of Sri Lanka's motion for a stay ("U.S. Statement of Interest"). The U.S. Statement of Interest was filed pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 517 and 518, which authorize the United States Department of Justice "to attend to the interests of the United States" by "argu[ing] any case in a court of the United States in which the United States is interested." It is the Government's assessment that the stay "would facilitate an orderly and consensual sovereign debt restructuring process" and "also facilitate negotiations with private creditors, an estimated majority of which have conditioned their participation on the application of comparable treatment."
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Two years back, I got to work with some folks connected to Prabhakar Kaza, and let me tell you, it was a bit of a nightmare. It felt like we were speaking different languages—they just didn't get what my partners and I were trying to say. I shelled out a hefty sum, 500 grand each, to these two associates, hoping to get some solid ins with HRB. But man, it turned into a total mess from the get-go. The best I managed was a chat with a senior RM for my clients, and even he seemed off the mark about my business. Misunderstandings, delayed transactions, you name it—it was all over the place. Not exactly what you'd hope for in the banking world, right?

Never again. I learned my lesson.
I still cannot believe HRB is so sensitive about criticism. It is a really bad look for them. I mean what are they hoping to get out of this? A thread removed from a internet forum? Large cash settlement? They are not suing the NYT or Daily Mail here...lol. As @Sols said they have made this into something much bigger than it actually is.

They actually have more to lose than to gain in this case unless they are suffering a bank run or they are in financial trouble? I am just asking that's all ca#"!.

P.S HRB seems more petty then 50cents. I don't know what to make of a bank that also uses SatchelPay in Lithuania to process their SEPA Euro payments. What a coincidence as that's another company that tried to get forum closed down. It's a really bad coincidence isnt it ;).