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Time taken to release big amounts from bank?


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Sep 11, 2009
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Some banks have this habit of taking more time to release big amounts of cash than normal days to earn interest. I have an uncle who do lots of trading internationally and he keeps complaining of the fact that some banks takes longer to release the cash if its in big amounts of more than $4k or more. While smaller amounts gets cleared in a day.

Does Cyprus bank also takes time to release more amounts or no?
It might be that some of the banks in Cyprus also delay the transfer of money, however, from the expirience of the banks we worked with during the last 5 years it hasn't been any problem, if you just send the money in the morning it will be transfered same day.

The issue with the bank you mention here, is almost very common in other countries and it depends on if it is a large bank or a small one also what policy each bank has.

Some banks even in Cyprus have total paranoia about sending larges sums because of fraud and several money laundering restrictions where others are more large if it is a known customer of the bank.

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