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Hello, i m looking for someone who's trading well,
my goal is to make tools who could help you and me.

I made some program for betting on sport, unfortunately when you win booker kick you out !
I can provide screen of some tools that I made, and result I got.

I don't have time for learn on trading it's too large, you (trader don't have time for learn programming) let's join our forces. I juste need someone who can show me where to watch ?

thank you


i guessing you were arbitrage betting :)?Yeah, the only way to get around your account getting locked is if you live in a city where all the major bookmakers our . Online they restrict your account and limit your betting but you if you can bet in a brick and mortar shop nobody is the wiser .


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no, I betted on basketball more or less x goals, the bet is 1,90/1,90. It's easy no matter what you do, technics you use you ll be restricted if you win. The technics I used are not written online, I didn't find it somewhere. Betting it's a dead end.

So I want to go into trading

Nicholas Van Orton

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@iibboo OP, am I right in assuming you're looking for betting (not trading) partners? I'm a trader (financial) myself and always open to new ideas, but I'm not into betting and can't provide any algorithm for that market.


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Hi Nicholas, I m looking for Trading partners :) . Betting it s a dead end I think.

If you agree, we can talk about some ideas on telegram, or skype. I ll by happy to share