TransferWise holds money since early January 2019


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Hello. I had two transferwise business accounts deactivated for 4 months more than 400k. When the case arrived at the ombudsman transferwise refunded the money and informed ombudsman that the case closed. But the reference from transferwise return of capital might case problem to the account you send for refund. So if the bank sees return of funds they might close the acccount also or not accept the refund from transferwise.

what Ombudsman? of what country? please write site


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OP never got back here it seems to let us know if he got his money after all or not. I can't believe that they will keep the money TW is after all a large company and I believe they will release the money after some time.

The problem is if no one will take the time to get back here and report if they got the money so we will never figure this out.
Exactly Transferwise will send all money to source probably, i’ve same experience with revolut and worldfirst after 40days i’ve got money back.... but i’ve made for both complaint with ombudsman...


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Ombudsman means negotiator between two parties (you and me, you and a company etc). They handle disputes and tries to make you negotiate in order to reduce stress on the Judiciary system (Courts). At least that's what they do in Turkey.