1. G

    Avoid Wise crypto deactivation

    Hello, I want to regularly move EUR in Wise account to binance. As I understand they block people and ask purpose-of-payment questions if you send various amounts to different people frequently (as would be the pattern with p2p, even without reference). What do you think would happen if I made...
  2. M

    Question Advise on EUR withdrawals

    Hello, I've been using OSCT forum as a ghost reader for a long time and here I am sending my first post, love to be part of this awesome community ! I'm originally from Iran and also having EU citizenship and using crypto, usually stablecoins as a cheap and fast method to transfer my own funds...
  3. B

    I need a lawyer to solve the problem (any suggestions)

    Hello, I think i need a lawyer. The problem is as follows: There is someone who contacted me on binance he wants to buy BTC He gets the account where he needs to pay and he told me that he made the payment but the transfer hasn't arrived 19 days ago. The bank i used in Lithuania confirmed that...
  4. B

    "TransferWISE" missing SEPA transfer (50K eur)

    Hello folks, We have a customer who sent us a transfer of 50K EUR through transferwise to our bank account (not wise account), the transfer was more than 15 days ago and we didn't receive it yet. Wise confirms that the transfer is done and now in the receiving bank and our bank said we didn't...
  5. P

    Question Wise Business account + Adult affiliate income?

    Hi, Anyone here tried Wise Business account with Adult affiliate income like for example chaturbate affiliate? I heard that they not adult friendly at all (it is in their rules) and they will make a google search about the company...And after that they can freeze the account...(In case of...
  6. James Spader

    What Makes Wise Stand Out – Wise Review, Highlights, Pluses & Minuses

    Wise was originally launched in 2011. It had a different name back then, but it got rebranded in 2022. The purpose of this service? Making international payments a breeze. Basically, the goal was to make transfers almost instant – compared to banks, which normally take a few days. Another goal...
  7. D

    Question SpectroCoin > Transferwise?

    Hello, This is my First Post in this awesome forum :D After couple days research is my conclusion valid: For e-Residency Estonian company that wants to offer Crypto Payments to the customers and has Transferwise account is this the best option: 1. Customer comes to the website 2. Pays with...
  8. J

    ADVCash To Wise (Transferwise)

    Hy, Advcash to Wise Euro transfer possible? Advcash allows euro transfer Sepa. Transferwise also gives Euro account (sepa). Anybody tried to transfer euro and any problems found. please share.
  9. N

    TransferWise blocked suppliers account

    I have a supplier on Cyprus, we work for many years. I used to pay by Wise. But this week they blocked payment, when I input IBAN they say we can not accept this recipient at the moment. And do not let through. Supplier seems to have only one account. Does anyone have Idea wether it is possible...
  10. A

    Costa Rican citizen using Transferwise - Taxing?

    Hello folks, I'm a Costa Rican citizen living in the country. I'll start receiving a salary from a US-based company under a scheme that I really don't understand. I was thinking of providing them with a Transferwise IBAN to receive the money. Am I subject to taxes in CR? Would TransferWise...
  11. V

    UK LTD with Wise for Adsense

    Hi, sorry for my poor English, i have a UK LTD and I don't know if associate Wise Business or Bankera Business for receiving Adsense EUR wise.. Wise, after Brexit, have all EU IBAN under Belgium central bank, im right? Bankera have all in Lithuania. I want to set business bank IBAN for...
  12. L

    Transferwise to crypto/binance

    Still looking for the convenient way to transfer funds from Transferwise to crypto/binance. Any help appreciated. Withdrawing amounts around 35k euro per month. Wirex currently has no IBAN deposit options. Debit card topups still working however not sure if it is safe for my TW account. Other...
  13. M

    Transferwise and Binance P2P

    Hello Everyone, I am doing P2P trading on Binance using TransfeWise. I am afraid that TW close my account and loos my money. So I have couple of questions searching that I could fins an answer for them: 1- Is Cryprto P2P trading legal? I am Egyptian and based in Belgium, So if that can help to...
  14. burden

    Transferwise - how long until they respond to general support?

    Yesterday morning I opened a ticket for some basic questions I had, but they have not responded yet, it is 24 hours since then. I know before they responded within a few hours usually. Is there another way to contact them?
  15. F

    TransferWise Business Closure

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and saw a couple of other threads that were similar to the problem that I had yesterday and now today. Yesterday I tried to send my German supplier of PPE Respirators the best part of €75k through TransferWise (My Limited Business is UK Based) to fulfil an...
  16. W

    Best EMI + Card Provider for Seychelles IBC Company?

    I'm looking for an EMI that provides cards for Seychelles IBC Companies. I'm a non-EU citizen and it's hard getting a card. If someone has a solution, please let me know. TransferWise and Bankera do not offer cards. And since PayPal can't hold money belonging to Seychelles Companies, they are...
  17. M

    At what receiving/sending amounts Transferwise asks for additional verification?

    Hi, I have personal Transferwise account, that I just created & verified, it's completely fresh and has no transactions. I just wanted to ask you - at what receiving or sending amounts Transferwise asks for any extra verification ? (any verification , either extra passport photo or selfie or...
  18. M

    Cashing out payoneer to Transferwise ?

    Hi, anyone knows if that works if there is name mismatch ? Say I have Payoneer acc on name "Jon Smith" and Transferwise on "Mike Tyson". And I would like to send transfer from Payoneer to Transferwise...
  19. S

    Buy bitcoin with TransferWise

    hello whats the best way to buy bitcoin with transferwise ?? i found some exchangers they requrired verification like only for usa to buy resedint to buy bitcoin any suggestion ? i dont like to use localbitocoin i feel not safe
  20. Singa

    Here how you can send from crypto platform to TransferWise (legit)

    Hi there ✋ So i was talking to the TransferWise support about sending my funds from Cryptocurrency platform /service to transferwise balance.. The only way you can do it is that it must be coming from an account WITH YOUR NAME! Meaning you need to open an account with crypto platform that offer...