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  1. S

    Buy bitcoin with TransferWise

    hello whats the best way to buy bitcoin with transferwise ?? i found some exchangers they requrired verification like only for usa to buy resedint to buy bitcoin any suggestion ? i dont like to use localbitocoin i feel not safe
  2. Singa

    Here how you can send from crypto platform to TransferWise (legit)

    Hi there ✋ So i was talking to the TransferWise support about sending my funds from Cryptocurrency platform /service to transferwise balance.. The only way you can do it is that it must be coming from an account WITH YOUR NAME! Meaning you need to open an account with crypto platform that offer...
  3. O

    Do i have to pay taxes for the money in my tansferwise business? and does transferwise count as a real bank ?

    Hi , i'm not a uk citizen and i want to open a company in Uk to open a stripe acc and a transferwise acc to start dropshipping . My question is does transferwise business count as a normal real bank account ? And do i have to pay taxes on the money entering transferwise ? if the answer is yes ...
  4. K

    Issues with transferwise, looking for alternatives

    Long story short, transferwise decided to close both my business and personal accounts beginning of July, just as I was about to receive huge client payments too... after messaging them for weeks they finally replied back saying they will return the money, BUT only to a bank account with the...
  5. M

    Possibility of bank account or EMI account

    Hi. I am thinking about forming an offshore company in Belize. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this because I want to open one or more bank accounts connected to this company. Can anyone tell me what the possibilities are of me being able to open an offshore bank account...
  6. B

    Can I open a case against an EMI or any bank for neglicence?

    Ok I will make it as short as possible. I have been scammed, short of 2000€. Money was sent by bank wire transfer to an EMI (TW). It was sent to their Belgium IBAN (I guess TW use BE for IBANs) I realized the same day they received the money that it was a scam. I immediately called TW to tell...
  7. K

    Most reliable EMI for Hong Kong

    Hello, What do you think is the most reliable EMI for HK company. I want to be able to send/receive SWIFT payments in USD. Business activity is online advertising. Transferwise doesn't work with with HK. Are there any other companies like TW?
  8. T

    Paysera, Revolut, TransferWise and tax

    Hello, I am EU citizen and I'm starting some affiliate marketing job in order to generate some side income. I have my regular job so I don't want to receive payouts from my side job on my regular bank account because of the taxes. I own Paysera, Revolut and TransferWise accounts and my question...
  9. JohnSeed

    What are the limits with Transferwise?

    At what point would you not use Transferwise or any other EMI's for your business? First reason would be if you monthly turnover hits 50.000 euro / dollar - that's what I read in other threads on the forum. But what else is there?
  10. blueweb

    Transferwise, Paysera, ePayments or other?

    When reading the endless threads about this service, that service and something total different I get confused. Most of us agree that ePayments suck big times. That said some of us around are able to open accounts and get swift replies from them, lucky you. Left from the huge lists around this...
  11. blueweb

    For GBP EMI What is better TransferWise or

    I would like to know what you guys find to be the best EMI banking for a UK LTD? Either TransferWise or ? In average I will have aprox 25K euro going thru the account each month. I need something that is just close to be reliable. It is a fully legal setup no tax evasion no privacy...
  12. blueweb

    Whats your thoughts about Transferwise now?

    I wonder what your thoughts about Transferwise is as per almost END 2019 ? Can we trust them do? Are they safe to use for long term business activity as long as everything is legit and transparent?
  13. H

    TransferWise holds money since early January 2019

    Hello, I’ve been using TransferWise business account for a standard europeen company for over six months and the service has generally been good. Then, they started sending a series of emails asking questions about payments I was receiving, and I replied to each one. This continued through...
  14. LucyOffshore

    Where to buy bitcoin with Transferwise or Revolut

    What exchanges accept deposits from Transferwise or Revolut?
  15. Bonam

    Who had success receiving 50k€ per month on Transwerwise?

    I'm wondering if a personal transferwise fully verified can handle 50k€ per month from stripe?
  16. Nanoo

    Transferwise > Bitcoin

    Transferwise seem to block Ibans used by LBC users, crypto exchanges and debit card > crypto as well, is there a solution to transfer funds from Personal transferwise to bitcoin wallet? If you don't want to publish the solution publicly you can send me a message. (EMIs watch this forum.)
  17. Nanoo

    TransferWise > Mister tango

    It seem Transferwise now block transfer to mister tango ibans since this week, someone to confirm with a transfer made within 5 days?
  18. Nanoo

    When Transferwise ask for Selfie ID

    I noticed TW ask for a selfie with ID but not during the first ID verification. Someone knows when they ask it? After X turnover or X months.
  19. 1nomad

    TransferWise and CRS

    Will you report my transfers to the tax authorities? TransferWise Limited is a UK company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. We are still evaluating the impact of the Common Reporting Standards, including FATCA, to our business and how we will...
  20. M

    Expat from Europe to Africa, offshore account Seychelles

    Dear all, Soon I will be moving to Africa where I will receive a normal salary. In Europe, however, I'm receiving salary for Consultancy purposes. I would like to set up an IBC at the Seychelles to invoice that consultancy part. My questions: - Is that easy to do without visiting and being...
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