UK LLC Service provider - what is a fair price


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my agent, who also formatted other company’s for me, wants to have 4500$ for a UK LLC formation, which i think is a little bit overpriced, when you look at other service providers who do this for 100$ and are even recommended by the government. We only need this company for EU payment processing for my HK Ltd.

What we need is a address and the chamber of commerce documents for a legit SEPA-IBAN-EMI (not ePayments) who can tolerate more then 20.000€ a day revenue income and a 5 figure daily mastercard spend with no monthly / annual limits. And of cause the availability to go through the KYC of EU payment processors. Me and my partner are non EU resistent (/ex EU - we still hold german passports but we live in Asia).

What would be a fair price to get this and which service provider can do this? Do you have any recommendations?