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I have started provide online IT services (cyber security) last year and so far I managed to earn around ~140k£ / year and since I have fixed clients it will most probably be the same (if not more) the next couple of years.

When started it last year I didn't think I was going to earn more than 20 or 30k per year so I was simply wiring the money directly on my personal bank account and declaring this on a Self Assessment tax return.
However, now that my business started become quite lucrative I thought it was time to create a proper structure to try optimise tax as much as possible.

I have the (advantage?) of being Swiss but currently living and working in UK so if needed I can easily create a Swiss company with all the necessary banking.

I have several question:

1) Where should I open my company? UK ? or Swiss ? Or does it even worth creating a company with my turn over and I'd be better of continuing getting payed on my personal ban account ?

2) Is there any creative (legal) solution that would avoid paying to much corporate tax? (Since I'm currently working alone and I don't have much charges to take out from profit, the total profit will be quite high (before salary / dividend)

Thank you!

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Where are your clients based?

I am guessing you have the option of electing to have the UK resident non-dom status and be taxed on the remittance basis. However that is dependent on whether your clients are outside the UK. Otherwise just establish a UK company and pay the corporate tax.


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All my clients (99% of them) are based in US. About the corporate tax is there some optimisation that could be used to reduce them?
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