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Nov 20, 2023
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✅ Company formation in the EU, Hong Kong, and other regions upon request, using our nominee (the company can either be liquidated after 1-2 years or maintained by the client).

✅ Private Nominee Service, including personal access to the nominee for KYC , extra verifications.

✅ Bank account opening (Airwallex, Payoneer, Wise) and custom banks upon request.


✅ HK company + Airwallex banking + European UBO + Verified Stripe (highest success rate)
✅ Estonian Company + European UBO + Bank Account + Verified Stripe
✅ Personal Verified Stripe Account registered on a business owner from Europe + BA (smaller limits)
✅ UK Verified Stripe Account + Payoneer
✅ Proxy Website + custom API solution for cloaking your original business via iframe
✅ Custom solution for Stripe (Klarna and other local methods) and host to host integration
✅ Support team, Dedicated Account Manager, Technical Specialist in the group chat : We won't leave you alone
✅ We provide all the necessary instructions , where we gathered our 6 years experience with Stripe
✅ In case of ban, we cover the risk of free replacement if your Charge Back is below 1% and you followed all our instructions

Our team has more than 2 years of experience working with the largest PSPs, E-commerce, Nutra, iGaming, and Forex clients.

Contact us:
-PM on the forum , or respond to the thread
-Telegram: @michael_uniqpayment
- Uniqpayments, Contact us for a free one-on-one private consultation.

- We have a reviews thread on the forum as well
- We kindly ask you to check with us first whether it's a suitable solution for your project.

In case of contacting via Telegram double-check via PM with us for additional security!

It is strictly PROHIBITED to use our service for activities such money transmitting fraud, scam.

The process of our work goes as follows:
  1. We receive an advance payment from you of 50% (we also work with trusted escrow service providers , preferably with management team of Offshorecorptalk for transparency)
  2. Start preparing the account (open the company, open bank account, develop a proxy website, open the Stripe account itself)
  3. Then we pass the selfie verification
  4. Transfer the account to you with detailed instructions on how to safely use the Setup

In case a Stripe account block occurs and it is not related to breach of any of our guidelines for the setup and chargeback rate was less than 1 percent when ban occured, there is a free replacement.

*Also, please note, there has to be a gradual warm-up during the first month or so for account safety.
Once the selfie verification is successful, you can begin to gradually accept payments within acceptable limits per each setup.

1-2 weeks: up to $200-$300/day
3-5 weeks: up to $1000/day
6-9 weeks: up to $3000+/day
Once Gross Volume crosses the $100,000-$150,000 mark, you can scale more aggressively (if your business allows it)

Our price model :
*Company formation without Stripe is cheaper and up to the discussion

*Same as for the Nominee directly and Banking

✅HK company + Airwallex + European UBO + Verified Stripe $3000

✅Estonian Company + Estonian UBO + Verified Stripe $3000

✅Latvian Company + Latvian UBO + Verified Stripe $3000

✅Personal Verified Stripe Account with limitations $2500

✅UK also, with the lowest cost of registration, not a great solution for Stripe atm.

✅Additional Service for your merchant account is: Proxy Website + custom API solution for cloaking the original service $900

✅ There is also a possibility of revenue share (percentage from turnover), but we would request more info about your project to make you a tailored offer.
You setup will include Company Statutory Document + UBO details, direct contact if needed, Selfie Verified Stripe Account + Proxy website + our custom API integration to cloak the website. Support team, including technical specialists in the chat.

We provide instructions on how to properly use such a setup and how to exclude all the potential risks based on our 6 years of experience working with Stripe. The price includes free replacement in case of blocking if we see that you followed the instructions that we provided along with the setup and your Charge Back rate was under 1% when the ban occurred. In case you got blocked, with other conditions, we would still provide you with a discounted rate for the new verified account.

In case of contacting via Telegram double-check via PM with us for additional security!

Please write any questions that you have in this thread or PM.

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