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There is no such thing anonymous virtual cards without limits that don't require KYC. Anyone offering that is doing so in contravention of applicable laws, and it's only a matter of time until they get shut down or are forced to do KYC.

Just a basic DD check, this type of service requires a license to offer. Not even the most simple company details are available on the website.

Criminal activities might work short term, but there is nothing safe and sustainable about this.


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Yup all fishy, the statement saying different banks across the world is a fallacy.

Not in this day and age, no bank provides unlimited virtual cards at a click, and if that was the case, such virtual cards are limited to small TRX per use at best..a range of 10€-300€ at best..

And if that was the case sites such as amazon, google ,FB would cancel or outright reject the TRX as such platforms prefer unique and verifiable BINs linked to either MC/Visa before onward verification VIA 3Ds for onwards channeling to the concerned Banks..nai¤%rea#44!

Tricky &Dicey to say the least...moreso we didnt take into consideration verification Sms, sent directly by banks to user phone..


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they say that physical cards will come by February 2022 - they will require minimal KYC and pass 3DS - that mean, they are not anonymous any longer.


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Man, if it smells like shit and looks like shit, it's probably a shit, simple as that :)

No info whatsoever about this "Service", but if you want a service that offers "countless" virtual cards with reasonable limit at a personal level, look at vetted and tested services like "privacy.com" and similar services, or if you have a business - depends on where it is - you can look for Services/EMIs that offer high-limit virtual cards for businesses like airbase in the US, or pleo in the EU.

But honestly, one of the best services that recently rolled out to select customers (including one of my businesses) is The Digital Purchasing Mastercard offered by payoneer, which comes with daily limits of up to 200,000 USD with no monthly limits!! tested it on various services and it works like a charm.

but you do you, if you want to test this "service" go ahead and do that, and please update us once you los- I mean receive your money ;)

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