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US company/bank acc non resident/citizens path and getting credit cards?


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May 30, 2020
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I was looking at a service recently that recommended the US company, llc and bank account route for non residents/citizens and how thats ideal for minimizing taxes if you give up your tax status at home country and then live elsewhere or travel around without staying anywhere long enough to become a tax resident in those places.

They said that it would actually be possible somehow to (maybe later eventually) access US credit and get credit cards and reward cards as a non resident/citizen.
Is true and possible? What would usually be required to make this possible, how do you get started, do you need a specific type of setup or business type or how could you start building a credit score etc as a non-citizen?

In reality, for practical purposes, you have to have tax residence somewhere. This place should be one where you have your permanent home, central economic interests, and spend a reasonable amount of time per year.

If you do that, and if that place is one which lacks taxes applicable to your income types, you can indeed run a business through a US LLC and pay no tax.

Access to US credit cards is another story. Most foreign-owned LLCs are unable to open accounts with banks and instead bank with non-banks such as Mercury. They are fine for business banking and can sometimes provide a business debit card. That does not help increase you chances of getting a US credit card.

If you manage to open a bank account with a bank and build an impressive history with them, you can try to leverage your business' good standing and contact the bank and inquire about personal or business credit card.