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US LLC Reporting Your Income to Home Country via Form 5472?

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- are you a citizen/resident of the usa? - propably NOT
- do you have assets within the usa? - propably NOT
- are you doing business within due usa? - YES, YOU DO AS YOU "SERVEW US-BASED CLIENTS

one "YES" is enought... you will be taxed... take care, IRS is not a carnival club!

good luck
Can you please clarify? Are you speaking from personal experience?


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In Egypt, if you go to any bank to create an account they always ask if you have US residency/citizenship and they make you fill in extra forms if you do, so I guess they at least SEND data back to the US, but does that mean they also receive it?
Yes, this is because of FATCA.

Egypt has not signed FATCA on a national level. Hence, they do not exchange information state to state. But, nearly all Egyptian banks have signed FATCA and these report directly to the US government. As for now, there are no reporting "the other way".
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