US merchant accounts for non residents

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Hey everyone, i'm new here but looking for a little advice in regards to merchants accounts and payment processors in the US for non resident.

Here is my situation, I'm a UK citizen residing in Thailand for 11 years, i have incorporated an LLC in Wyoming US in January this year. I'm using Mercury and Wise as my bank accounts and Stripe as my payment processor.

So far everything is going really well for our company. Currently we are still in beta testing with a revenue of over $100k USD using Stripe as the payment processor without a single chargeback or refund.

The industry we operate in is considered as high risk, however our platform is built in a way to minimize the chargebacks.

My concern is using Stripe, we want to come out of beta testing and start to grow our company, but we are worried about Stripe as they have a similar history to Paypal by closing your account for stupid reasons.

So basically im looking to diversify and find another merchant in the US with processing to minimize our risk from Stripe closing us down.

I heard with Stripe once you reach a certain threshold they start auditing your account which could result in account closure.

I am wondering if anyone could help me find a decent merchant that will work with me based on my situation above.

I currently have EIN and ITIN with all my company documents, but since i'm not a citizen i don't have an SSN which is causing me a headache as most merchants require an SSN with a credit check.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing or any advice would be greatly appreciated.