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Using the Paypal debit card in the Philippines


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Jan 2, 2009
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I live in the United States and have a USA bank account linked to my Paypal debit card. I plan on temporarily living overseas, in the Philippines, for at least a year. There are many shopping malls and merchants in Manila that accept Visa & Mastercard.

Question is: will I be able to use my paypal debit card, which is linked to my US bank account, in the Philippines with no problems? I would like to withdraw cash and to make purchases using the Paypal card while overseas.
No unless it has a image on the card thats says VISA or mastercard. If you card has an Logo on it, then it is fine. But don't forget to show your ID most shops will ask for it.
PayPal saying 'PayPal debit card ONLY for USA' means they will ONLY issue/send the card to an american citizen to an american address. You can then take your card to the end of the world and use it.

However, you pay a fee (according to your bank) everytime you take money of an ATM (that is around 2% off every cashout), though paying with a card in a shop (using it electronically) is free.

I myself have a card from another country, because that's the way to save bank fees due to constant transfers and it works fine. That's VISA that I have.

So you're absolutely fine. If you still want to clarify this issue, contact paypal, they'll reply you very quickly.

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