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Valid Payment Processors for Credit Card processing 2016



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Because there are lot's of people that are looking for a payment processor for their credit card processing needs, I have compiled a new list 2016 for the valid payment processors around.

Please note that these are not payment processors that may take on shady business or even so called high risk payment processors accepting Pharmacy, Adult, og gaming but more like processors that accept regular business and depending on the business model High Risk Merchants.

So use there payment processors at your own risk. If you have any questions feel free to post them here.

Merchant Accounts with Instabill - Instabill The old classic payment processor that is taking on gray area business as well as regular online businesses for payment processing. They have been around for many years after all. They had huge problems in the beginning but seems to be stable and reliable now.

http://www.worldpay.com/ This is a bank owned payment processor and one of the oldest in the industry for regular online business payment processing needs. They can accept European countries as well as some offshore jurisdictions. You may aproach them to get an approval / decline.

WIRECARD: Reinventing Payment | wirecard.com | Homepage One of the oldest German Payment processors around. They are reliable, stable and trusted by the major companies in Europe. If you are able to get an agreement with them to process credit cardss and other payment methods you should go with them. Stable payouts on time, like a clock work.

Online Payment Gateway for SaaS and Ecommerce - PayLane New payment processor around, claim to be able to take on both high risk and regular business but I have no personal experience with them nor can I find any real good reviews about them from real users that have been using them for payment processing.

Online Payment Solutions & Credit Card Processing | First Atlantic Commerce Bermuda based payment processor that accept huge and reputable business. You will need to have a credit card payment processing history for at least 6 months with a low chargeback ratio and some good monthly volume in order to be able to use them. In the past they took on new business / strart ups but today it may require a very good business plan to get approved.

High Risk Merchant Account | Durango Merchant Services They price them self as one of the Worlds Leader in High Risk Merchant account providing and payment processing. I must say, they are connected with some of the Top World Acquiring banks around and they can get payment processing for almost any type of business. They have great processing rates and fees and a fast payment gateway. You may want to approach them if you can't get processing anywhere else.

http://www.safecharge.com/ Some of the oldest high risk merchant account providers and payment gateway providers around. They are stable and can be trusted for your business. In the past they were doing processing for Adult, Pharmacy and Gambling, but today (as most other payment processors) they are doing gray area payment processing on a stable platform.

As already mentioned, if you have any questions you are welcome to post them in this thread. If you hav experience with one of these payment processors please post good or bad here as well as any other information you may have that is relevant to the topic.

If you want to learn to know the real high risk payment processors around and the big players around that you don't find easy just by Googling them or reading on forums and blogs, then upgrade your account to Mentor Group Status and find the relevant processors there. These payment processors are worth Gold for many even the so called High Risk Merchant Account providers spam posting all around most often don't know them!

For Adult Business
Online Merchant Services & Credit Card Payment Processing or cbbil.eu the leader in Adult payment processing bot credit cards and ACH check payment processing. They can handle the payment procssing but also the entire affiliate part for you.

Homepage - Putting Trust in Global Payments the second biggest Adult payment processor around. They accept all legal adult entertainment business for credit card processing and has like ccbill an affiliate system in place if you need that, most do.
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Awesome list. I know you said you don't have personal experience with all of them. But are there any you can recommend for some straight online business?


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Awesome list. I know you said you don't have personal experience with all of them. But are there any you can recommend for some straight online business?
WireCard and WorldPay are great payment processors, use them if you can. They may only accept EU corps.


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Awesome list of payment processors can you tell me what the difference is between high risk and normal merchant account please?
High Risk merchant accounts are considered high risk because of the nature of business i.e. Pharmacy, Gaming, Adult Entertainment, MLM and stuff like that. Most often these businesses are only exists for short time, close the company and open a new one and start over again.

There are also Traveling business which is considered high risk because of the volume, the high ticket price and factors like that.

Normal Merchant Accounts are for businesses into straight business like T-Shirts, Selling of tangible gods and stuff like that, low volume, low ticket price.

Hope it makes sense for now. We have an article here somewhere which I have to search for that explain it in details, so there is no need for me to do it again :)


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That's a great share of payment processors. I didn't see it before now while people start posting in this thread ;)


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It could be great to complete the list with some more info like does the payment processor accepts Belize/Seychelles/BVI ? Does it accept Dropshipping activity, as it's a very trendy business nowadays, as a lot of payment processor deny such activity.
If anyone has some complementary info?


hannibal the cannibal
Can we update this list with some new payment processors like IpayDNA or similar services?
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