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Webhost to host my Magento shop, any good suggestions?


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Feb 6, 2009
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Hi, I am finding a company to host my magento cart, and have the following requiremnet:

1: The server ideally is located in US west coast. I do business in Japan, China, US and Europe, the west coast would be an ideal server location

2: The company would provide shared , VPS and dedicated hosting service. I can start as a lower level service, and am able to upgrade when necessary

The Inmotionhosting business power plan would be suitable to me, but it seems some Magento installation problem when hosting there(I know this from Magento and Inmotion forum).

Do you have any suggestion to me?
Think it would be a good idea to post the link to the shopping card system I want to use.

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Magento is a very demanding application. You need a strong host, preferably one that has experience with Magento.

Personally I think you should start with a mid/high end VPS and depending on the popularity of your site, and how many customers you can upgrade your VPS spec or move to a dedicate server.

You can have a look at this Wiki for some hosts who promote Mageno: Magento - Wiki - Magento Wiki

You may also notice that most providers will start offering 'containers' (essentially VPS) for catalogues of 1000+ products.
You should look for Managed Magento hosting solution like Cloudways, where you get Magento latest version pre-installed in just few clicks.
even the thread is very old your suggestion may be valid, thanks for the information ;)

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