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What are the Value Added Services available in Cyprus Bank Account?

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Nov 30, 2009
Banks and financial institutions are expanding their customer base through adding value added services to their business bucket.They are not only getting new customers but also maintaining good profitability despite poor performance in their core business.So it is obvious that everybody like me would be interested to know, "What are the value added services available in Cyprus Bank Account?


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Dec 1, 2009
The value added services offered by major commercial Banks in Cyprus are.

International Debit Cards.

Insurance of deposits.

Investment advice.

Online Transfer within and abroad.

Maintaining multi currency Accounts.

Forex exchange.
In general I think the value is to have your bank account abroad and not in your home country, compared to the major world banks like HSBC, BOA etc, they can't compete in the banking infrastructure, however, they are developing in the right direction. Today you can use your Cyprus bank account for the already mentioned services, it is also easy to send International transfers compared to just a few years ago.

Most of the major banks in Cyprus like, USB Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Bank of Piraeus are improving alot at the moment in order to provide the customer with a stable and reliable Internet banking platform.
Just by looking up the Bank of Cyprus home page I actually found this press release which is confirming what I just posted :)

Bank of Cyprus Accelerates Expansion Into New Geographies by Consolidating

Bank of Cyprus is consolidating all information technology systems under a common IT platform with the goal of decreasing the cost of maintenance and operational support of its IT infrastructure. The solution from Misys will be at the core of this "1bank" concept, enabling the bank to consolidate its core banking systems into one, reducing costs and improving efficiencies. It will also allow the bank to expand more rapidly into new territories in the future. Central to the choice for the bank was Misys Equation's ability to increase control of the systems in place, while reducing the overall cost of maintenance and support of the infrastructure.
Bank of Cyprus has a stated strategy to maintain its leading position in all sectors and continue to expand its business outside Greece, Cyprus, Australia and the UK, developing its international business in Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Misys Equation's proven track record around the globe and particularly in those countries which are target markets for the bank's future expansion was crucial in the agreement.

"One of our strategic priorities is to consolidate our presence in our main markets and widen our global footprint, specifically in Russia, Ukraine and Romania," states Leonidas Isodiou, General Manager, Group Information Technology and Organisation & Methods, Bank of Cyprus. "Misys has clear expertise in helping international banks like us to manage their growth and maintain the high level of service our customers expect. We see Misys as a strategic partner and are excited by the business plans the company has shared with us and the strategy and future roadmap of BankFusion Equation."

Aliza beth

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Jun 17, 2016
Adding value added services to an existing account is great idea..If you provide more benefit to the user then definitely you can increase your customers base

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