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What is WEB3 can someone explain for dummy's?


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Oct 9, 2012
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I read on google and found an answer which is short answer
Web 3.0, sometimes known as Web 3, is the concept of the next generation of the web, in which most users will be connected via a decentralized network and have access to their own data.

How does it differ and how does it use the blockchain for web?
Web 3 is decentralized internet services in a nut shell - it’s a differentiator for marketing

Think if you will the Goverments inability to police BitTorrent etc and then consider if you will social media or online services operating in similar fashions either from the perspective of data storage, or in processing

Basically it empowers the individual to circumnavigate the restrictions that biased corporate control or Goverment overbearing control mechanisms.

Then you have tokenized economies but they don’t need to be interchangeable I.e a web 3 product/service doesn’t necessarily need a token, but some times tokens are there for the gas within the system or for governance control from a decentralized group of holders world wide which direct its directions via voting blocks.

Basically it’s a replacement to the existing American centric internet.

The thing is Governments can’t crush it they can only crush the on-ramps and off-ramps for the token side which they are attempting under the guise of “investor protection” but the underlying technology innovation outpaces their ability and the ecosystem sure rife with speculation isn’t so much a investing atmosphere but a protest coupled with speculation.

Due to the US stance it is being left behind as anyone in the tech space is able to easily bootstrap and launch a product/service and usually this is done outside of the US thus technological know how is shifting away from the US at the same time.

The US however along with Russia to a minor degree are centric to the MLMs and Ponzis that popup in the space so there’s always a lot of negativity about anything crypto/web3 in the US whereas outside real tangible products/services are entering the market and competing with the US financial industry or product/services industry.

We are a legion (stealing that phrase)

I should add our company uses IPFS for all major Storage, and stores data as strings in transactions dependent on the system - we’ve been in the space since 2010 but heavily adopted from 2016 onwards and more so from 2017-2023 with major backend deployments across the architecture of what is becoming web 3.
There’s no shitcoin though we just used it because it worked out better for us than the cloud.

I may be a little biased.
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