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What the different between an Offshore Company and for instant a Cyprus Company?


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Dec 29, 2008
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There is no difference between those two, they are just to terms for the same and in general an Offshore Company is a synonym for companies operated in Tax Heavens, which are countries that have a very low tax and some have no tax at all. There are so many countries where you can open an Offshore Company, however you will need to do some planning and investigation before you just take the first best offer.

Sometimes it can be of great benefit to have the company in the Seychelles where it can be a disadvantage for others. It depends very much on what you are going to do with your company and where you want to trade. Many people know Nassau / Bahamas, and there are so many consultancy services which offer company formation in this jurisdiction, but are you sure that it is where you want to be, Nassau will bring some right lights up to anyone you want to trade with. But if you don’t want to trade with your Offshore Company, then it might be a good solution for you.

So I started this thread to get someone to post their comments, opinions or questions, I think there should be some stuff above which will rise at least 1 question ;)
Offshore: what exactly does it mean?

An Investopedia article called The Pros and Cons of Offshore Investing offers a very good definition of the term "offshore". In a strict sense, offshore companies are those companies located in places other than an investor's home country in order to take advantage of benefits, usually monetary, offered by the host country. Many investors take their business to tax havens for obvious reasons.

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